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Addressing a Budget Blind Spot

October 22, 2014 • Category: Nuclear Weapons, WAND Blog Posts

by Kathy Crandall Robinson, WAND Senior Public Policy Director Recently we’ve been reviewing our family budget and I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I spend too much on something that has become a rather mindless habit – that daily trip for my very fancy latte. This habit is not really in […]

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A New Set of Election Resources»

Election Resources

  Election season is upon us. Please vote and encourage others to vote. To check your voter registration status and other voting information please see the link below. Register to vote here! In the coming months there will be many opportunities for you to encounter candidates at events and in other forums. These questions may help […]

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To Audit Or Not to Audit

by Pia Furkan, WAND Intern, Washington, DC If you knew that a federal agency with a $500 billion budget could not pass a simple auditing process to identify waste and track spending, would you be worried about whether your tax dollars were being misused? Proper record-keeping of finances and program reports could end up identifying […]


Nuclear Weapons Testing: History, Progress, Challenges

On September 15, 2014 The Embassy of Kazakhstan, The Embassy of Canada, The Arms Control Association, Green Cross International, and The ATOM Project hosted a forum commemorating the United Nations International Day Against Nuclear Tests. Since 2009, the international community has commemorated UN Day Against Nuclear Tests on or about August 29, the anniversary of the 1991 closing […]

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Addressing a Budget Blind Spot

by Kathy Crandall Robinson, WAND Senior Public Policy Director Recently we’ve been reviewing our family budget and I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I spend too much on something that has become a rather mindless habit – that daily trip for my very fancy latte. This habit is not really in […]

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Road to Security

I appreciate Steve Berg’s article about lost opportunities for transportation funding (5/18/14). In Anoka and Ramsey County, there is an urgent need for road and bridge repairs and replacements as well as transit, biking, and walking opportunities. For example, the Rice Street Bridge creates a huge bottle neck on I-694, making it difficult for workers and […]

WAND Action Opportunities»

Call the White House: No Iraq War!

By now you’ve heard the news. We are bombing in Iraq.  President Obama announced that the United States is providing humanitarian aid and also authorized military strikes on Iraq. It is time to take action: Call the White House at 202.456.1111 before 5:00 EDT today! (If you miss today please call Monday morning!) The message […]

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Sayre Speaks: Helen Caldicott’s New Nuclear Dangers

by Sayre Sheldon, WAND President Emerita and Founder On September 20, 2014 I went to the City Hall of Newton, MA to hear Dr. Helen Caldicott speak at a program called “Facing Our Nuclear Responsibilities,” wondering what new things I could learn. The hall was bravely decorated with posters and set up with booths for […]

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Georgia WAND meets with Congressman Hank Johnson

Thank you to Georgia WAND for providing this great report on their recent trip to see Congressman Hank Johnson! Read more about all of their work at www.gawand.org. On Thursday, April 4, Georgia WAND and constituents from Georgia’s fourth Congressional District met with Congressman Hank Johnson. In attendance were Georgia WAND member and former DeKalb […]

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Press Release: Shut Down the Shutdown

  100 Women State Legislators Gather in DC to Call on Congress to “Shut Down the Shutdown” Government shutdown would hurt elderly, children and veteran constituents For Immediate Release: Date: September 30, 2013 Contact: Jessie Calkins, Communications Officer Phone: (781) 643-6740 Email: jcalkins@wand.org WASHINGTON, DC– With a government shutdown imminent, one hundred women legislators and […]

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Toward Peace

by Kathy Crandall Robinson, WAND Senior Public Policy Director In the last weeks the horrors of war and terrorism in Iraq and Syria have been heartbreaking.  And what seems to be the United States marching towards another protracted war in the Middle East is appalling. On Wednesday, September 17, the House voted  to arm Syrian […]

WAND's Sayre Sheldon Speaks»

Sayre Speaks: Who Is Taking Care of the Children?

by Sayre Sheldon, WAND Board member, WAND founding member, and President Emerita. What is happening to the children? Today, children are used as ammunition to punish one’s enemies. When three Israeli young men were abducted and murdered recently, a Palestinian boy was seized and burned alive in retaliation. The children were consumed to feed the […]

WAND/WiLL Women in Profile»

In Profile: Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty

Since her election in 2012, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty has been a champion for the constituents of Connecticut’s 5th Congressional district. Congresswoman Esty understands her responsibility for upholding justice and safety in her community, especially in light of the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, located in the 5th district. As one of the 12 […]

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Women’s Equality Day

by Rawan Alkhatib, WAND Intern, Arlington, MA On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment passed, granting women the right to vote. Every year on this day, the United States commemorates Women’s Equality Day to recognize the valiant efforts of women leaders and to remind the country that the advancement of women’s rights is not yet complete. As a […]

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