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Addressing a Budget Blind Spot(Comments Off)

October 22, 2014

by Kathy Crandall Robinson, WAND Senior Public Policy Director Recently we’ve been reviewing our family budget and I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I spend too much on something that has become a rather mindless habit – that daily trip for my very fancy latte. This habit is not really in […]

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Sayre Speaks: Helen Caldicott’s New Nuclear Dangers

by Sayre Sheldon, WAND President Emerita and Founder On September 20, 2014 I went to the City Hall of Newton, MA to hear Dr. Helen Caldicott speak at a program called “Facing Our Nuclear Responsibilities,” wondering what new things I could learn. The hall was bravely decorated with posters and set up with booths for […]

WAND Gears Up for the Lame Duck

October 7, 2014 — With Congress on recess, WAND and other peace and security organizations are gearing up for Congress’s return for the lame-duck session. Below are letters outlining legislative priorities for the remainder of the year. Click the links to view the letters.  Defense Authorization: WAND spearheaded a letter to the House and Senate […]

Bombing vs. Building Peace

by Kathy Crandall Robinson, WAND Senior Public Policy Director This week, WAND has been disappointed by the expanded U.S. bombing of Syria. These actions are in odd contrast with Sunday’s International Day of Peace followed by the week’s focus on the opening of the 69th United Nations General Assembly. Last year, we took President Obama […]

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