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We’re Calling on Congress to End Endless War(Comments Off)

November 10, 2014

Join us and over 20 national peace and justice groups – from November 11 to 16, we are joining together to press Congress in their offices, online, and in the streets to take action! President Obama has announced plans to ask Congress to formally authorize our latest war in Iraq and Syria. This new Authorization for […]

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UNSCR 1325 Women, Peace, and Security Anniversary Week in New York

By Julie L. Arostegui, J.D., Women, Peace, and Security Policy Director Last week I was in New York for 1325 anniversary week, which marks the United Nations Security Council’s passage of its landmark Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security on October 31, 2000. Recognizing the gendered nature of today’s conflicts, UNSCR 1325 and its […]

Women Strike For Peace

by Pia Furkan, WAND Intern, Washington, DC Fifty-three years ago on November 1, 1961, about fifty thousand women decided to take a stand to “End the Arms Race, Not the Human Race,” a slogan that captured the theme of the Women Strike for Peace. Concerned about the effects of nuclear testing and proliferation and frustrated […]

Addressing a Budget Blind Spot

by Kathy Crandall Robinson, WAND Senior Public Policy Director Recently we’ve been reviewing our family budget and I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I spend too much on something that has become a rather mindless habit – that daily trip for my very fancy latte. This habit is not really in […]

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