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Women’s Equality Day(Comments Off)

August 26, 2014

by Rawan Alkhatib, WAND Intern, Arlington, MA On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment passed, granting women the right to vote. Every year on this day, the United States commemorates Women’s Equality Day to recognize the valiant efforts of women leaders and to remind the country that the advancement of women’s rights is not yet complete. As a […]

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To Audit Or Not to Audit

by Pia Furkan, WAND Intern, Washington, DC If you knew that a federal agency with a $500 billion budget could not pass a simple auditing process to identify waste and track spending, would you be worried about whether your tax dollars were being misused? Proper record-keeping of finances and program reports could end up identifying […]

OCO: Putting the “Slush” in Slush Fund

by Pia Furkan, WAND Intern, Washington, DC The Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) fund is supposed to pay for the war in Afghanistan. However, there has been building controversy over the past few years about this fund because of the lack of transparency and the use of the funds outside their intended purpose. OCO seems to […]

In Pursuit of Nuclear Zero

by Rawan Alkhatib, WAND Intern, Arlington, MA The capacity for human innovation is extraordinary. Our creative feats over a few decades have demonstrated astounding technological advancements that could hardly be imagined a century ago. Many would consider nuclear strength as an achievement that must forever be proudly and positively marked in the history of humankind. However, […]

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