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A Special Thank You to Senators Highlighting the Role of Women for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit(Comments Off)

July 22, 2014

By Julie L. Arostegui, Women, Peace and Security Policy Director From August 4-6, President Obama will host the first ever U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit. The theme of the summit is “Investing in the Next Generation,” and its aim is to deepen ties between the U.S. and African countries and highlight the U.S. commitment to Africa’s security and […]

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Fallout from a Long Ago Explosion

by Jessie Calkins, WAND Communications Officer   Fear runs rampant in the land. The cost in blood and treasure leaves a weary nation; wondering when then the fighting will ever stop. All the world over the fighting continues. No end in sight. Sound familiar? It may sound disturbingly like the present but we speak not […]

July 14: A Day of Celebrations and a Young Girl Who Has Inspired the World

Image Credit: A post by shepherdsongs on Tumblr, as seen at the at the Avis Frank Gallery, 1606 White Oak Dr., Houston, TX 77009 by Julie L. Arostegui, Women, Peace and Security Policy Director Today people around the world are celebrating. Some are celebrating Germany’s defeat over Argentina to win its first World Cup title since reunification (sorry Argentina […]

Independence Day: Saltpeter, Pins

  by Jessie Calkins, WAND Communications Officer As Independence Day fireworks shine in the sky over cities and towns across the U.S. this week and the nation celebrates its 238th birthday, history is repeating itself. In conflict-affected areas across the world from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, to the Central African Republic and beyond, some things […]

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